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Cashew Lassi Blueberry - Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt

The Best Vegan Creamer

Had been looking for a dairy alternative creamer for so long that wasn't super sweet like soy can be. When I opened it up I immediately noticed the vanilla scent! It's creamy just as the label said it was and paired well with my coffee in the morning. The nutty cashew taste isn't that present which I love and it doesn't leave an aftertaste. Definitely recommend!

I love all the products on the box

The box has a great variety of products and format what make easy to grab a lassi on the go and drink it anywhere or have a nice rich cream milk on my coffee. All the products has different flavour what I personal love.
I really recommend also have the box delivery to your door it is the ultimate treat

Love this drink

I love the Cashew Lassi Mango drink, 1 1L bottle doesn't last long at my house. I love that it's diary free drinks that contains healthy ingredients, full of probiotics, and it's a bonus that' it's made in Vancouver, so supporting local too! I highly recommend this delicious drink!

Absolutely Delicious

I absolutely love the blueberry Lassi! It is so versatile my stomach feels so good after drinking it.

Cashew creamer

Was pretty good, just wish product was sold locally were I live.

A Winner

The Blueberry Lassi is AMAZING! I had to fight my family for more than a small taste. I can see myself buying this product with my weekly grocery shop. Unfortunately it's not available in my local grocery stores in Edmonton. Bring it to Alberta. I'll be your best customer!

A delightful plant-based treat!

Wonderful creamy Lassi with just the right amount of ginger and turmeric.


Great creamers!

Family Favourite

our whole family including our children who are both under 5 years old love strawberry probiotic drinkable yoghurt. Highly reccomend!

Yum yum yummy yum

I got this as an add-on to our Frep Prep box, just to try and my taste buds are so happy that I did!
I’m used to having small amounts of yoghurt or dairy-drinks and this tastes just like a traditional lassi that I slowly savoured it until I gave myself permission to drink freely! No tummy ache for me!
Too late I realized that I should have taken a photo before pouring it down my throat.

Make your tastebuds happy and try this lassi! Can’t wait to try the other offerings from this BC company!

Thank you so much Alyx for trying our Lassi and posting your feedback.

A morning staple.

Delicious and healthy!

We really enjoyed the Probiotic Superfood Smoothie pack! The frozen smoothie mix comes in convenient pouches so there’s no measuring or guesswork - just super quick super smoothie! Great taste, packed with nutrition - perfect for the chaotic morning rush!

Super tasty

I find this a dangerous addition to my fridge, I can drink a liter so fast!

I really like it. It's a nice treat every so often. I find buying it in one liter bottles feels like better value. I think it's a really great alternative to the dairy version. Thank you plant Veda!

Plant Veda Delivers!!

So many subscription choices and Plant Veda always satisfies changes if required. Seriously the most delicious drinks, creamers, oats, nut butters and smoothies!!

Cashew Mango Lassi (250ml)
Robert Hodgkinson

All good.
Send me a bill.

I love all lassis!

The lassis are insanely tasty, plus vegan and local! What more could we ask for?!

Amazing product

This is a insanely great tasting yogurt. I could not tell this doesn’t contain dairy at all. It’s thick and creamy and the 1l bottle lasts for quite a while because how thick it is.

Strawberry cashew lassi

Im not a fan of the taste per say but I do love that this lassi is made with cashews and probiotics!

Salty Strawberry

Still a yummy drink but there was too much salt in the strawberry lassi.

Delicious vegan mango lassi

Yay, a vegan lassi! My favorites are the mango and blueberry. I like that it is not too thick and prefer to drink it as is.


The first time I drank it I thought the taste was weird, but for some reason I got used to it and now I actually like it quite a bit. I would drink it often if it weren’t for the fact that it has quite a bit of maple syrup in it — which, although much better than refined sugar, is still sugar, which I’ve decided to cut off. Still, pretty delicious drink!


Super tasty. Love that it’s not too sweet but flavourful. A bit pricey for 500ml

This is some awesome stuff

This drink is soooo awesome. It tastes exactly like dairy yoghurt drinks but it’s vegan. How awesome is that. This is guilt-free and has such a good texture. I love how it also has probiotics since a lot of vegan alternatives do not incorporate probiotics into their product. I go through a bottle a week and love this product so much. I highly recommend giving this a try!

Cashew Blueberry Lassi 1 Ltr - Probiotic Yogurt Beverage