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Cashew Mango Lassi

Unfortunately 2 of the 5 bottles that I ordered were just sooo sweet that I emptied them down the sink. All I could taste was the maple syrup. I love your product but this was very disappointing.

Best ever!

Love this stuff!! Gobble it up and put it in everything that needs milk!

Perfect coffee break!

The coconut chocolate bark is absolutely amazing!

Great for tea!

I purchased to try a local milk alternative, I enjoy dairy, and I would purchase this creamer again. It's not a strong chai and I could drink it as is.

Excellent and Tasty!

Nice flavours and very refreshing. I'm lactose intolerant so everyone eating yogurt makes me sad. Now I have an option.

Cashew Creamer Original Unsweetened (500ml)

Delicious lassi

I really enjoyed the fresh taste and consistency of this lassi. I haven't had dairy in a few years and this lassi tastes very similar to mango lassi I used make years ago.


Pleased with the product. Pleased with the customer interaction.
Almost out. Need to order more. Provably on a continued delivery basis.

RLH review

Tried varied Lassi's. All great products. Tasty, filling low on calories and rich in probiotics. Great new alternatives to traditional breakfasts.
Great delivery service too.
Raised the bar on new nutritional foods. Thanks

Refreshing and healthy

Love the taste and the fact that it’s non dairy!

Delicious flavour!

I tried both the mango lassi and saffron cardamom cashew milk. They were packed full of flavour. Not sweet at all!

Exceeded my expectations!

I put in an order at midnight on dec 30th and the order arrived on the 31st, just in time for our New Year’s Eve dinner. So happy with the delivery and quality of the probiotic lassi. It’s delicious and not too overly sweet. 10/10!

All around excellent

Tasty and perfect

Lovely lassi

I really really enjoy this lassi it’s amazing best ever for the stomach and gut I only gave it one star less as I wish it was thicker 🙏

Cashew Creamer Original Unsweetened (500ml)


I sampled your Mango Cashew Lassi from a Frep Prep ordered. I fell in love and instantly found you on the internet. Now I can have a standing order to keep your items on hand conveniently in my fridge. Love the Cashew coffee creamers as well as your Lassi drinks. So Yummy!! Thank you for your Great Products!

Soo Yum!!

I can't even express how excited I am with this new flavour! It's the perfect blend of spices and creaminess, great for coffee and tea! It's my new favourite!

This box is amazing!

I received my breakfast box yesterday and had my first taste of it today! It's all sooo good! The granola is really crunchy and tasty, and goes really nicely with the cashew mylk. The cashew butter is a wonderful spread for bread or crackers, or a creamy addition to our smoothies.

It's so great to have this wonderful breakfast selection delivered to my doorstep, especially now that we've gone into another 'essentials only' protocol. Having this subscription box will ease the need for trips to the supermarket.

Thank you again, Plant Veda!

very good product. my children love it

Best vegan probiotics


Market-Fresh to Our Doorstep Every Month!

I am so glad (and grateful) that Plant Veda started their subscription box service! When we had to social distance, I missed our trips to the local farmer's markets the most. One of my favourite market treats was Plant Veda Lassi. My mom and I always looked forward to bringing a few bottles home. Now we have regular deliveries to our doorstep without the risk and hassle of going to the markets. I love the Mango Lassi the most, and my mom loves the coffee creamer. She never buys the stuff from the grocery store any more. It's always fresh and delicious, and the people at Plant Veda are always great to chat with when we want to change our box or try something new. We love Plant Veda!

Best milk ever

My twin girls love the flavour of milk. very delicious.

My favorite probiotic drink!

Finally I found a delicious vegan lassi drink and coffee creamer, I cannot drink any dairy and these are the perfect drinks after my morning yoga practice or after a meal. The convenience of getting them delivered to my door is great!