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This Plant Gurt is truly an amazing replacement for dairy-based yogurt. It tastes better, is better for you and better for the animals! So good!!!


I love Plant vedas lassis, all the flavours, and I was gladly surprised with their customer service!

So tasty! I love lassi's but I don't love the dairy, so this is amazing!

Love it! Just like a strawberry milkshake without the dairy!

Chai creamer

I love the flavour and it froths up so nicely, great to use in a chai latte.

Amazing taste that promotes gut health!

After I tried their mango lassi and absolutely fall in love, I have to try the blueberry flavor as well. Turned out it’s just as amazing!!! Nice to change up the flavor here and there. Usually I have all three mango, blueberry and strawberry in the fridge and just drink it on the regular!! Amazing all-year-round drink that promotes gut health. It’s just so nice to enjoy a drink while having all that health benefits. I love having a glass or two in the morning before breakfast or afternoon when u get a little hungry but still want sth simple and healthy, or even sometimes I have it at night when I am craving for sth sweet but still wanna keep myself in check before bed.

Best Mango Lassi!!! EVER!!!!

Okay.. Lemme start with I have actually never had Lassi in my life before this Plant Veda one. You must be thinking, hmm.. your review title doesn’t hold too much credit then. BUT, Plant Veda made try and compared many other Lassis. Turned out Plant Veda Mango Lassi is by far the BEST!! It is nicely balanced in terms of the flavor and creaminess, you can taste the fresh mango with a hint of light sweetness (from the maple). When it’s chilled, it is so soothing and enjoyable, knowing there are 10 billion probiotics that is great for gut health is definitely a plus. So I started a little unintentional Lassi journey after I have had my first Plant Veda mango lassi. I was like “this is GREAT, and all that health benefits, why I have never paid attention before”, so whenever it’s accessible to any Lassi, I would never turn it down. I have tried my Indian friends’ home-made Lassi, ended up not loving it coz it’s either too sweet or too thick or it’s with dairy and it gives me some sort of inflammation. I have also tried a few “restaurant-made mango lassi”, I believe it’s with dairy and it is waaaay sweeter. I wouldn’t know what ingredients are exactly in it, bet is some Costco big jar dairy yogurt, which I know actually lots of stores and restaurants in vancouver use it. I mean everyone got their preferences, but I try to keep my diet clean, whole foods, super foods, the less processed the better, packed with nutrients. It just give me way better energy and higher efficiency for the body. It is a lot more expensive to maintain, but I think overtime people that are health conscious will shift towards healthy foods also would prefer disclosure and transparency in food they bought/ being served. On the other hand, Plant Veda is also reasonably priced consider the quality of the product. One liter “amazing taste” mango lassi ( 5,6 cups) for 10.99$ is way better than “not-so-good” taste Bio K + probiotic drink which is around 40$ for 6 little bottles. Not absolute comparable but in terms of probiotic drinks, I would definitely choose the yummy Plant Veda Lassi over anything else!!

Excellent texture and tastes!!! OMG the richness!!!

I really didn’t expect much from a plant-based, vegan coffee creamer. Morning coffee is like a ritual to me, and I got tired of the oat milk coffee creamers in the market, so I decided to try this hazelnut cashew one from Plant Veda. It’s silky smooth and it blends perfectly with coffee!! Literally out of my expectations. Normally I would expect sth lighter, watery or just “plain” for the healthier coffee creamer/ non-dairy milk choices. However, this one is definitely the champ! It’s rich in texture, creamy but yet soothing!! (not over-whelming, I used to love the Earth’s Own Barista Oat Milk with coffee, honestly everytime after using it I have thicker “mucus” …..). Plant Veda products doesn’t do that AT ALL. Also, I have tried this coffee creamer with my golden turmeric blend, and made chai tea latte, matcha latte with it. All tasted amazing!! Lots of Plant Veda products also got so much health benefits packed with probiotics. U guys just HAVE to try it!!!

Best Lassi ever

This is honestly the best Mango Lassi I’ve ever had. This product absolutely blows the Dairy version out of the water!

Great flavour

Mango lassi is the best flavour among all they have and didn’t make me miss the dairy version at all.

Sweet and Sour

I love the dairy alternative for my tea, so I decided to try the blueberry plantgurt, blueberry lassi and saffron cardamom cashew drink. The lassi and cardamom drink are too sweet for my preference, but I didn’t get to try the yogurt because of all the mold (5 days before expiration). The unsweetened creamer had also gone off 20 days before expiration. It seems the shelf life isn’t as long as printed, which is disappointing.

Chai creamer

After I questioned about the curdled creamer, Plant Veda kindly replaced what I had purchased. The new creamers are lovely and I was very pleased at how quickly the company addressed my issue. I will definitely be buying these creamers again. I really like all the flavours that I have tried.

Vegan Sampler Box
Francine Ackerman
probiotics and healt

tried a few products from your small box; very satisfied, good taste and acted very quickly on a small probleme I had with my digestion
Thank You for the production of a real healty product. OOPS forgot a quick delivery!

Original creamer

Excellent creamer, I will order again.

Vegan Sampler box

I haven’t tried everything yet, unfortunately the creamer that I was looking forward to the most curdles in my tea. The vanilla and original creamers are lovely though and quite enjoyable.

Vanilla creamer

Smooth and creamy. Very enjoyable

My daughter's fave

My daughter recognize the bottle and she requests this regularly!

Vegan Recipes are great with Plant Veda!

PVs cashew milk, lassi, and creamers make amazing vegan recipes so easy! Enjoying my vegan custard with fruits this morning with my Saffron Cardamom Cashew Lassi! Sooo yummy!


I have never been so pleased with a plant-based beverage. Extraordinary and life changing.

Chai creamer

I am happy with the flavour and it froths up beautifully. Unfortunately when I heated it the microwave or poured hot water on it, it tended to take on a curdled appearance.

Best lassi ever!

You won’t miss dairy when you try this amazing mango lassi! I’ve been a die hard fan of all Plant Veda products but I actively crave all of the mango lassi flavours on the regular. The perfect tang and I love how it promotes my gut health. These lassis don’t last long on our fridge because everyone in our home can’t get enough. My daughter loves making frozen treats with mango lassi and fresh fruit. This is easily one of the best vegan products on the market ❤️

The best thing I have ever tried!

I was browsing SPUD delivery service’s plant-based products when I came across this mango lassi - something I grew up on and missed dearly since cutting out dairy. Now I am obsessed with it, and can sometimes go through 3L of it in a week! Love this local business!!

Vegan Sampler Box
Carolyn Burles
Great alternative

I was looking for a non dairy creamer. Plant Veda’s coffee creamer is my answer.
The delivery was very fast. Have not found out if the ice packages can be returned with the thermal wrapping. If not, environmentally I have a concern. Very good product.

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the review!

If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, the ice packs can be returned by leaving them outside before we deliver your next order. We will pick them up, sanitize them, and re-use them on future orders. Outside of Greater Vancouver, we encourage customers to re-use their ice packs for their own frozen products.

The Plant Veda Team

The drinkable yogurt alternative is a winner.

I love yogurt but cannot eat it due to allergies. I have tried the products now on the market and they taste awful. This drinkable is fantastic. It will fly off the shelves! I suggest a larger variety of flavors. I loved the taste of the half and half but it curdles and that is a deal breaker for me.

So smooth and creamy!

PV's new spoonable yoghurt is amazing! It's smooth and creamy and has amazing flavour!