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Terrible delivery

Received package and box had water damage and product was warm. Everything had to be thrown out. Delivery system is terrible. It should be 1 day shipping to ensure product does not spoil. As a new small business, this is a costly mistake that we cannot afford.

Vegan Sampler Box
Kimberly Dawn
A vital and delicious product offering

I have been impressed by the coffee brightening satisfaction offered through Plant Veda. The sample parcel for several flavour versions of the plant-based creamers and the assortment of lassi drinks seemed like an amazing opportunity for my taste buds and optimal health energy satisfaction. The lassi fruit beverages were all really delicious. I look forward to more local stores providing shelf space for these delicious products, as well as ~ refined quality management for the cashew creamers to ensure appropriate holding temperatures before purchase/consumption. chain-of-transport Several of the cashew creamers were spoiled and sour.


It was great to try different things but now I would like to customize my regular box as there was a lot of coffee creamer and none of us drink coffee.


This drink is the best ever! Those bits of pistachio make it special, and the cardamom flavor is outstanding. I tried it at a vegan CDN Thanksgiving potluck, and I can't wait to buy a bottle.

Great coffee creamer

Love how frothy it gets

Super Tasty and Full of Fruity Flavour!!

It tastes really good and quite filling when you just need something light in between meals. It has many health benefits as well but knowing that no animals have been harmed from the conception of this deliciousness is really the best part!

Best vegan badam milk, period!

I remember the days before I was vegan when I used to binge drink badam milk in different sweet shops in India. When I decided to become vegan, this was one of the things I knew I would miss dearly. But, not anymore. Plant Veda's version has such a subtle undertone of cardamom and saffron which are the life of badam milk. As a bonus, you get bits of nuts in every sip, truly mimicking the badam milk that I used to miss so much! 5 stars all the way!

Best plant yogurt ever

I absolutely love this cashew based plain yogurt! It has a creamy, smooth texture and is wonderfully rich. As a vegan and an Indian, i have searched all over the place for a yogurt that best resembles the Indian 'dahi', and I think this is it. It works great in curd rice, in chats, lassis, and smoothies. 5 stars, highly recommend!

Plain taste

The drink is nice overall however in my taste it was too plain

Simply the Best Option

I have found this product to be the absolute best tasting and textured coffee brightener available in Cascadia region Canada. Love that it is produced by a local company!

Delicious Vegan Yogurt

I have thoroughly enjoyed the vegan blueberry yogurt produced by Plant Veda. The texture is remarkably close to classic yogurt and the ingredients give something for my mind to smile at! What a Bonus that the oats used in their cashew medley are Gluten-Free.

Very Sweet and Creamy

Decent flavour, I like the Mango better, but this is good. Very sweet and creamy. Tastes good on it's own.

Tastes so good on it's own!

It's a waste of awesome tasting drink to mix this in smoothies! It's tastes so good on it's own! Just drink it as is! So good!

Too Sweet and Chalky

I'm a fan of sweet drinks so it's not good that even I'M overwhelmed with the sweetness!
Also there is a chalky aftertaste.
I prefer the Mango or Blueberry.

Vegan Sampler Box
karen hunt
Plant based lassi

The Lassi was Absolutely delicious and good for you. Love that you have so many flavours - delivery quick but unfortunately 2 of the ice packs had a hole so the box was wet. Not a big deal as the product stayed chilled. I will be ordering more.

Excellent taste! Sweet, smooth and creamy

It's too expensive, but if you can afford it, it's amazing.

Gross, choke on real cashewnuts in drink

One of the grossest drinks I've ever tasted. And the cashew nuts inside made me choke! When it said "real nuts" on the bottle I thought it meant it filtered with real nuts, not that there was ACTUAL nuts inside the drink! That surprised me.
It's got an odd spicy taste to it as well. If you're accustomed to grocery store nut milk that goes down smooth, you're in for a surprise with this product. Did not taste good with any other added fruits of veggies I blended with. It gets 2 stars instead of 1 because I gotta admire the attempt to make a premium all natural tasting cashew milk. But it was gross.

Thank you for writing Jamison,
Sorry to know you didn't like the Saffron Cardamom Flavour our out cashew milk which is the favourite for many of our fans, actually there is a popular Indian drink called Milk Badam and our Cashew Milk with Saffron Cardamom with chunks of pistachio's is a plant-based options for that.

Love this product

This Plant Gurt is truly an amazing replacement for dairy-based yogurt. It tastes better, is better for you and better for the animals! So good!!!


I love Plant vedas lassis, all the flavours, and I was gladly surprised with their customer service!

So tasty! I love lassi's but I don't love the dairy, so this is amazing!

Love it! Just like a strawberry milkshake without the dairy!

Chai creamer

I love the flavour and it froths up so nicely, great to use in a chai latte.

Amazing taste that promotes gut health!

After I tried their mango lassi and absolutely fall in love, I have to try the blueberry flavor as well. Turned out it’s just as amazing!!! Nice to change up the flavor here and there. Usually I have all three mango, blueberry and strawberry in the fridge and just drink it on the regular!! Amazing all-year-round drink that promotes gut health. It’s just so nice to enjoy a drink while having all that health benefits. I love having a glass or two in the morning before breakfast or afternoon when u get a little hungry but still want sth simple and healthy, or even sometimes I have it at night when I am craving for sth sweet but still wanna keep myself in check before bed.

Best Mango Lassi!!! EVER!!!!

Okay.. Lemme start with I have actually never had Lassi in my life before this Plant Veda one. You must be thinking, hmm.. your review title doesn’t hold too much credit then. BUT, Plant Veda made try and compared many other Lassis. Turned out Plant Veda Mango Lassi is by far the BEST!! It is nicely balanced in terms of the flavor and creaminess, you can taste the fresh mango with a hint of light sweetness (from the maple). When it’s chilled, it is so soothing and enjoyable, knowing there are 10 billion probiotics that is great for gut health is definitely a plus. So I started a little unintentional Lassi journey after I have had my first Plant Veda mango lassi. I was like “this is GREAT, and all that health benefits, why I have never paid attention before”, so whenever it’s accessible to any Lassi, I would never turn it down. I have tried my Indian friends’ home-made Lassi, ended up not loving it coz it’s either too sweet or too thick or it’s with dairy and it gives me some sort of inflammation. I have also tried a few “restaurant-made mango lassi”, I believe it’s with dairy and it is waaaay sweeter. I wouldn’t know what ingredients are exactly in it, bet is some Costco big jar dairy yogurt, which I know actually lots of stores and restaurants in vancouver use it. I mean everyone got their preferences, but I try to keep my diet clean, whole foods, super foods, the less processed the better, packed with nutrients. It just give me way better energy and higher efficiency for the body. It is a lot more expensive to maintain, but I think overtime people that are health conscious will shift towards healthy foods also would prefer disclosure and transparency in food they bought/ being served. On the other hand, Plant Veda is also reasonably priced consider the quality of the product. One liter “amazing taste” mango lassi ( 5,6 cups) for 10.99$ is way better than “not-so-good” taste Bio K + probiotic drink which is around 40$ for 6 little bottles. Not absolute comparable but in terms of probiotic drinks, I would definitely choose the yummy Plant Veda Lassi over anything else!!

Excellent texture and tastes!!! OMG the richness!!!

I really didn’t expect much from a plant-based, vegan coffee creamer. Morning coffee is like a ritual to me, and I got tired of the oat milk coffee creamers in the market, so I decided to try this hazelnut cashew one from Plant Veda. It’s silky smooth and it blends perfectly with coffee!! Literally out of my expectations. Normally I would expect sth lighter, watery or just “plain” for the healthier coffee creamer/ non-dairy milk choices. However, this one is definitely the champ! It’s rich in texture, creamy but yet soothing!! (not over-whelming, I used to love the Earth’s Own Barista Oat Milk with coffee, honestly everytime after using it I have thicker “mucus” …..). Plant Veda products doesn’t do that AT ALL. Also, I have tried this coffee creamer with my golden turmeric blend, and made chai tea latte, matcha latte with it. All tasted amazing!! Lots of Plant Veda products also got so much health benefits packed with probiotics. U guys just HAVE to try it!!!