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Homegrown Business: Plant Veda CEO Sunny Gurnani

Vancouver Guardian

Dec 6, 2021

Plant Veda has created award winning plant based dairy alternatives. We recently spoke with CEO Sunny Gurnani for our latest Homegrown Business feature to find out more about the company.

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A Plant-Based Future Offers Myriad Health, Environmental and Economic Benefits

Research Money

Nov 9, 2021

It is not uncommon to be asked “with dairy or without?” by a barista after ordering a coffee or latte at your favourite café. Millions of former dairy consumers are opting for alternatives for myriad reasons, be it taste, environmental, ethical or health-related.

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North America Is Projected To Be One Of The Major Markets For Dairy Alternatives Through 2028

Nov 9, 2021

The global dairy alternatives market size has been steadily growing at an increasing yearly rate for some time now... and it is projected to continue higher growth levels for several years to come, driven by a high demand owing to the shift in consumer eating patterns...

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Plant Veda Foods (MILK.C) Shakes Up the Dairy-Free Market


Oct 25, 2021

Plant Veda Foods Ltd. (MILK.C) is a plant-based dairy company situated in Vancouver, Canada. Utilizing innovative technology, the Company develops, produces, and sells...

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A Two-Day, Plant-Based-Everything Expo is Returning to Vancouver

Daily Hive

Sept 20, 2021

BC is home to some of the most delicious plant-based fare on the market, with a plethora of small businesses in the food and service sectors taking plant-based eating to new heights...

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These Food-Tech Startups Are Reimagining Dairy

CNN Business

Aug 12, 2021

The dairy industry is estimated to have emitted 1.7 billion metric tons of CO₂ equivalent in 2015, and food-tech companies have seen an opportunity to create alternative products...

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Plant-Based Dairy Market Has Tons of Room to Grow: Plant Veda CEO

BNN Bloomberg

Aug 04, 2021

Plant Veda, a plant-based dairy company from B.C., is looking to expand globally after acquiring an export facility in Vancouver and receiving approval for export by the...

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From Oatly (NASDAQ: OTLY) to Plant Veda (CSE: MILK), Investors Are Betting Big on Plant-Based Dairy

Energy and Capital

June 26, 2021

$2.5 billion... That’s how much U.S. consumers spent on plant-based milk last year. On top of that, they spent nearly $2 billion ($1.9 billion to be exact) on...

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Canadian Entrepreneur Family Bringing Plant-Based Lifestyle to Dairy Aisles

Dished Vancouver

June 22, 2021

Vancouver-based vegan entrepreneurs and husband and wife team Sunny and Vanita Gurnani remember the fateful moment that...

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Plant Veda Is A Mission to Accelerate Humanity’s Shift To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Superb Crew

June 16, 2021

Plant Veda was created with a mission to accelerate humanity’s shift to a plant based lifestyle...

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Dairy-Free Cashew & Oat Milk Maker Plant Veda Unveils Vegan Probiotic Lassi

Green Queen

June 16, 2021

Alternative dairy company Plant Veda has created vegan lassi (an Indian yogurt drink) from cashews and real fruits without cane...

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