PlantGurt Probiotic Spoonable Cashew Yogurt

Made with a blend of creamy and sustainably sourced cashews, fibre-rich Canadian gluten-free oats and Canadian pea protein, cultured with billions of beneficial living, dairy-free probiotics good for the gut, available in Plain Unsweetened, BC Blueberry, and Mango flavours. Our plant-based, dairy-free yogurt - PlantGurt is a delicious and energetic way to start your day! 

Made with simple whole food ingredients, with unsweetened and natural agave sweetened options, providing lean plant-based protein, our spoonable yogurts serve as a perfect snack, a base for breakfast bowl, cereals, smoothies, and so much more.


  • Unsweetened and natural agave sweetened
  • Plain Unsweetened, BC Blueberry, and Mango flavours
  • 5 Billion Probiotics Per Serving
  • Made with Simple Whole Food Ingredients
  • Spoonable yogurt - eat it straight or use in your favourite recipes
  • 470g