You won't miss dairy a bit

  • Blend of multiple plant proteins
  • Natural ingredients
  • Probiotic
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Great tasting
  • No refined sugars
  • No additives 

Current products categories 

Probiotic Lassi

Plant-based drinkable yogurt

  • Plant-based yogurt drink
  • Contains 10 billion probiotics per cup promoting good gut health
  • Features real fruit and contains no cane sugar
  • Unlike anything on the market
  • Variety of flavours: Mango, Turmeric Ginger, Saffron Cardamom, Strawberry, Blueberry


Plant-based milk

  • Plant-based coffee creamer
  • Cashews, coconuts, and oats
  • Differs from the competition
  • Doesn’t contain any oils
  • Sweetened with only 1g of maple syrup
  • Variety of flavours: Cane Sugar Sweetened, Agave Sweetened

Coffee Creamer

Plant-based coffee creamer

  • Plant-based milk
  • Made from whole food ingredients
  • Healthy, dairy-free, cholesterol-free beverage with no added oils
  • Available in convenient smaller to-go, or large formats
  • Variety of flavours: Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chai Spice

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