Vegan Sampler Box
Plant-Based Dairy Free Sampler Box | Plant Veda
Plant-Based Dairy Free Sampler Box | Plant Veda
Plant-Based Dairy Free Sampler Box | Plant Veda
Vegan Sampler Box
Vegan Sampler Box

Vegan Sampler Box

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Want to sample a selection of our award winning, creamy and delicious plant-based, vegan dairy products? Try our new sampler 10 pack!


A two week supply for 2-3 people, consisting of newly launched probiotic, agave sweetened, maple sweetened, cashew drinkable yogurt lassis; vegan maple sweetened and unsweetened creamers; and flavoured, agave sweetened cashew mylk.

(Includes free shipping across Canada and the continental United States)

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  • Curated, Convenient, For Everyday Use
  • Good for 2-3 people
  • Dairy-free & Vegan
  • Free shipping across Canada and the continental United States, use code SAMPLER at checkout
  • $49.99, a 15% discount off suggested retail (for a limited time)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Dawn
A vital and delicious product offering

I have been impressed by the coffee brightening satisfaction offered through Plant Veda. The sample parcel for several flavour versions of the plant-based creamers and the assortment of lassi drinks seemed like an amazing opportunity for my taste buds and optimal health energy satisfaction. The lassi fruit beverages were all really delicious. I look forward to more local stores providing shelf space for these delicious products, as well as ~ refined quality management for the cashew creamers to ensure appropriate holding temperatures before purchase/consumption. chain-of-transport Several of the cashew creamers were spoiled and sour.

karen hunt
Plant based lassi

The Lassi was Absolutely delicious and good for you. Love that you have so many flavours - delivery quick but unfortunately 2 of the ice packs had a hole so the box was wet. Not a big deal as the product stayed chilled. I will be ordering more.

Francine Ackerman
probiotics and healt

tried a few products from your small box; very satisfied, good taste and acted very quickly on a small probleme I had with my digestion
Thank You for the production of a real healty product. OOPS forgot a quick delivery!

Carolyn Burles
Great alternative

I was looking for a non dairy creamer. Plant Veda’s coffee creamer is my answer.
The delivery was very fast. Have not found out if the ice packages can be returned with the thermal wrapping. If not, environmentally I have a concern. Very good product.

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the review!

If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, the ice packs can be returned by leaving them outside before we deliver your next order. We will pick them up, sanitize them, and re-use them on future orders. Outside of Greater Vancouver, we encourage customers to re-use their ice packs for their own frozen products.

The Plant Veda Team

ed blasiak
Novel Awesome and Unique Heathy Products

Highly Recommended