PlantVeda Strawberry Lassi
Cashew Lassi Strawberry - Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt
PlantVeda Strawberry Lassi
PlantVeda Strawberry Lassi
Cashew Lassi Strawberry - Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt

Cashew Lassi Strawberry - Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt

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Take a sip of this seasonal favourite - rich, creamy, slightly sweet tasting, smooth, strawberry probiotic drinkable yogurt lassi beverage! Drink it straight, over cold cereal, or use it in raw recipes such as smoothies, and nice cream. Made with simple and wholesome ingredients such as cashews, Canadian gluten-free oats, herbs, spices, and whole BC strawberries, sweetened with natural maple, our small-batch rich and creamy cashew yogurt is whipped to make the cream rise to the top, bringing you the crème de la crème, nearly indistinguishable from dairy cream, but with a fraction of the fat and calories. This wholesome beverage contains a special blend of 10 Billion probiotics - beneficial dairy-free cultures which helps maintain your gut health.

This local, seasonal flavour is created by the same team as our award winning mango lassi, to be refrigerated for convenient, longer term use.


Local, seasonal flavour, creamy, probiotic drink to-go in exciting taste options
  • Drink it straight or use in raw recipes
Dairy-free, Vegan & Gluten-Free
Made of simple, whole-food ingredients
No added oils
10 Billion probiotics, live dairy-free cultures good for the gut
Natural maple sweetened

    Customer Reviews

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    Family Favourite

    our whole family including our children who are both under 5 years old love strawberry probiotic drinkable yoghurt. Highly reccomend!

    Super tasty

    I find this a dangerous addition to my fridge, I can drink a liter so fast!

    I really like it. It's a nice treat every so often. I find buying it in one liter bottles feels like better value. I think it's a really great alternative to the dairy version. Thank you plant Veda!

    Strawberry cashew lassi

    Im not a fan of the taste per say but I do love that this lassi is made with cashews and probiotics!

    Salty Strawberry

    Still a yummy drink but there was too much salt in the strawberry lassi.


    The first time I drank it I thought the taste was weird, but for some reason I got used to it and now I actually like it quite a bit. I would drink it often if it weren’t for the fact that it has quite a bit of maple syrup in it — which, although much better than refined sugar, is still sugar, which I’ve decided to cut off. Still, pretty delicious drink!