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Driven by a powerful team with years of experience. Our knowledge, expertise, and passion place us as a leader in the plant-based market.

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Sunny Gurnani

Chief Executive Officer 

Sunny is a former web technology expert in multiple Silicon Valley companies, including time as a former software engineer at ecommerce giant

He holds a Master’s degree of Computer Science at Northwestern Polytechnic University, is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, and is an Award-winning vegan entrepreneur with certification in Plant-based Nutrition. He’s the heart of the idea that created Plant Veda. 

Michael Yang, CPA


Michael is President of LucPrise International Ltd. A management consulting firm advising companies through its stages of growth. He has spent time as the Chief Strategist of Uni Express, a leading last mile delivery and fulfillment platform for ecommerce, as well as a former consultant at Lush Cosmetics, a famous handmade vegan cosmetics brand

Michael who brings 20 years of corporate finance and strategic advisory experience, is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds certification in Plant-Based Nutrition.

Vanita Gurnani

Director of Product Innovation

If Sunny is the heart of the idea behind Plant Veda, Vanita is the soul. She’s the inventor and mastermind of all Plant Veda branded products. She’s an award-winning serial vegan entrepreneur, holds a Master’s degree of Computer Science from Northwestern Polytechnic University and a Master of Fashion Design from Sardar Patel University

Mayur Sajnani

Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Mayur Sajnani holds a Master’s degree of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Accounting degree from Sardar Patel University, and a certificate in Scaling a Food Business from the University of British Columbia. As a co-founder of Plant Veda, he on-boarded over 100 retail channels, which included well-known retail chains such as Whole Foods and Choices Market.

Mr. Sajnani has held various cross-functional business roles in accounting and human resources before arriving to his current position of head of sales at Plant Veda. 

Claire Smith


Claire is a vegan entrepreneur and impact investor, working hard to further the mission of Plant Veda while staying in-line with the values the team rallies around.

She has been a Founding Director of Beyond Investing, a leading investment platform for the vegan community and creator of the US Vegan Climate Index ETF (VEGN).

She also spent time as a Founding Director of Beyond Animal, a platform to accelerate growth of the vegan economy. Additionally, she spent a period of time as the former head of derivative marketing at UBS, an investment bank in the UK.

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