Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi | Plant Veda
Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi | Plant Veda
Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi | Plant Veda
Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi | Plant Veda
Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi
Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi Nutrition Facts| Plant Veda

Drinkable Yogurt - Mango Probiotic Lassi

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Take a sip of this tropical, rich, creamy, sweet tasting, smooth, probiotic beverage to quench your thirst! Drink it straight, over cold cereal, or use it in raw recipes such as smoothies, and nice cream. Made with simple and wholesome ingredients such as cashews, Canadian gluten-free oats, herbs, spices, and chunks of whole alphonso mango, sweetened with natural maple, our small-batch rich and creamy cashew yogurt is whipped to make the cream rise to the top. This wholesome beverage contains a special blend of 10 Billion probiotics - beneficial dairy-free cultures which helps maintain your gut health.

This is a larger size version of our award winning mango lassi, which can be refrigerated for convenient, longer term use.


  • Creamy, probiotic drink to-go in exciting taste options
    Drink it straight or use in raw recipes
    Dairy-free, Vegan & Gluten-Free
    Made of simple, whole-food ingredients
    No added oils
    10 Billion probiotics, live dairy-free cultures good for the gut
    Natural maple sweetened

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kat Su
The best thing I have ever tried!

I was browsing SPUD delivery service’s plant-based products when I came across this mango lassi - something I grew up on and missed dearly since cutting out dairy. Now I am obsessed with it, and can sometimes go through 3L of it in a week! Love this local business!!


love this dairy-free lassi!

Sylvia Keszthelyi
Delicious & Refreshing!!

Really enjoyed the mango taste and all the healthy probiotics that this beverage offers! It made both my taster buds and gut biome so happy.

Rose Yan
Love this drink

I love the Cashew Lassi Mango drink, 1 1L bottle doesn't last long at my house. I love that it's diary free drinks that contains healthy ingredients, full of probiotics, and it's a bonus that' it's made in Vancouver, so supporting local too! I highly recommend this delicious drink!

Alyx Valdal
Yum yum yummy yum

I got this as an add-on to our Frep Prep box, just to try and my taste buds are so happy that I did!
I’m used to having small amounts of yoghurt or dairy-drinks and this tastes just like a traditional lassi that I slowly savoured it until I gave myself permission to drink freely! No tummy ache for me!
Too late I realized that I should have taken a photo before pouring it down my throat.

Make your tastebuds happy and try this lassi! Can’t wait to try the other offerings from this BC company!

Thank you so much Alyx for trying our Lassi and posting your feedback.