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In this Together Box (Small) 

Bring some warmth in these uncertain times with a curated collection of 7 everyday use, Local & Vegan cashew-based goodies. Good for 1-2 people. Pick & choose - two probiotic lassis, two coffee creamers, one 1L cashew mylk, or maple sweetened mango lassi, and get a complimentary snack on us.

Included in Box

  • 2x Cashew Probiotic Lassi  250ml
  • 2x Cashew Coffee Creamers 500ml
  • 1x Cashew Mylk or Cashew Mango Lassi(Maple Sweetened)
  • A complimentary snack 


  • Curated, Convenient, For Everyday Use
  • Good for 1-2 people
  • Dairy-free & Vegan
  • Hand-selected, Local Products
  • Complimentary Snacks

If you need more checkout the large subscription box (ideal for families)

About the Subscription Box Program

A curated selection of Local & Vegan, everyday use, cashew-based beverages, & accompanying snacks to enjoy with meals, cook with, drink & snack on, delivered to your doorstep, every month you can cancel anytime.