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Plant Veda Finishes Acquisition of Nora’s Non-Dairy LTD

(XFRA:A3CS6B) (the “Company” or “Plant Veda”), an award-winning dairy-alternative food manufacturer is pleased to announce that the company has finished the acquisition of Nora’s Non Dairy Ltd (“Nora’s”) on Jan 5 2023 pursuant to the terms of a share purchase agreement (the “Nora’s Agreement”) dated December 14 2022 among the Company, Nora’s and the shareholders of Nora’s (the “Nora’s Shareholders”). Pursuant to the Nora’s share purchase agreement total of 1,530,613 common shares of the Company were issued to Nora's shareholders at deemed price of $0.196 on December 23 2022 subject to a voluntary escrow as below 33.33% in 12 months after December 23 2022 33.33% in 24 months after December 23 2022 33.33% in 36 months after December 23 2022...

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