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Drinkable Yogurt - Saffron Cardamom Probiotic Lassi

Drinkable Yogurt - Saffron Cardamom Probiotic Lassi

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Take a sip of this tropical, rich, creamy, sweet tasting, smooth, probiotic beverage to quench your thirst!

Drink it straight, over cold cereal, or use it in raw recipes such as smoothies, and ice cream.

Made with simple and wholesome ingredients such as cashews, Canadian gluten-free oats, blending comforting herbs and spices such as Saffron & Cardamom from the Eastern kitchen, our small-batch rich and creamy cashew yogurt is whipped to make the cream rise to the top. This wholesome probiotic drinkable yogurt beverage contains a special blend of 1 Billion probiotics - beneficial dairy-free cultures which helps maintain your gut health.

This is a personal size version, for convenient, to-go, alternative dairy-free beverage.
  • Creamy, probiotic drink to-go in exciting taste
  • Drink it straight or use in raw recipes
  • Dairy-free, Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Made of simple, whole-food ingredients
  • No added oils
  • 1 Billion probiotics, live dairy-free cultures good for the gut

Customer Reviews

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Kimiye Kawashima
Vegan Recipes are great with Plant Veda!

PVs cashew milk, lassi, and creamers make amazing vegan recipes so easy! Enjoying my vegan custard with fruits this morning with my Saffron Cardamom Cashew Lassi! Sooo yummy!

Robert Hodgkinson
RLH review

Tried varied Lassi's. All great products. Tasty, filling low on calories and rich in probiotics. Great new alternatives to traditional breakfasts.
Great delivery service too.
Raised the bar on new nutritional foods. Thanks

Camillia Mahal
Lovely lassi

I really really enjoy this lassi it’s amazing best ever for the stomach and gut I only gave it one star less as I wish it was thicker 🙏

Nicola Read

I am not a health nut, vegan or vegetarian, I just love food that tastes good and this fits the bill. It’s just a perfect blend of spice and creaminess. I find that around 4:00 my energy level starts to dip and this is the perfect pick-me-up. Even better, there’s all the nuts at the bottom of the glass to finish it off! Just delicious and the fact that it’s healthy is an added bonus!