Make breakfast the most exciting part of the day with our Vegan Power Breakfast box, delivered to your doorstep. We've teamed up with local natural food brand New World Foods/Everland to bring you the best nutrients and functional foods to provide energy, dietary fibre, lean plant-based protein, blood sugar balance, and digestive support. Made with simple, plant-based, dairy-free, whole-food ingredients, with natural and unsweetened options, this breakfast box is health forward and exciting. Pick from New World Foods granola or organic oats, New World Foods nut butters, Plant Veda's award winning probiotic drinkable yogurt lassis, and cashew mylks or creamers.

Coffee lovers rejoice! We're bringing you the most exciting local and vegan coffee box in town, conveniently delivered to your door. We've teamed up with local coffee chain Continental Coffee House and Conscious Food Creations to bring you the best coffee, creamer & dessert combination.

A curated selection of Local & Vegan, everyday-use, cashew-based beverages & accompanying snacks to enjoy with meals, cook with, drink & snack on, conveniently delivered to your doorstep, every month or more.


Choose Your Subscription

In This Together Box

Bring some warmth in these uncertain times with a curated collection of 7 everyday use, Local & Vegan cashew-based goodies. Good for 1-2 people. Pick & choose - two probiotic lassis, two coffee creamers, one 1L cashew mylk, or maple sweetened mango lassi, and get a complimentary snack on us.

Curated, Convenient, For Everyday Use
Good for 1-2 people
Dairy-free & Vegan
Hand-selected, Local Products
Complimentary Snack


For Our Family Box

Gather around the family table with a curated collection of 12 Local & Vegan cashew-based goodies. Good for 3-4 people. Pick & choose - four probiotic lassis, four coffee creamers, two 1L cashew mylk, or probiotic, maple sweetened mango lassis, and get complimentary snacks on us.

Curated, Convenient, For Everyday
Use Good for 3-4 people
Dairy-free & Vegan
Hand-selected, Local Products
Complimentary Snacks


Why Choose a Creamy Cashew Goodness Box?


All our products are made locally in British Columbia, supporting good jobs, and our local economy.


All products are 100% vegan, and products from our fellow producers have been thoroughly vetted.


A variety of daily use, cashew-based beverages and accompanying snacks hand-selected for your convenience in one monthly package!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is monthly delivery?

Monthly delivery is done as soon as subscription transaction is confirmed.

What is the method of payment? How will my card be charged?

Pay for subscription plans online using major cards. Your card will be charged recurring every month, till plans are cancelled (see below).

How do you deliver? What areas do you deliver?

We deliver with our reliable network of third party delivery companies.
We deliver in Metro Vancouver area, that includes Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey/Delta, Burnaby, tri-cities. Add your postal code in the checkout form to check availability in your area.

What is the charge for delivery?

We’re excited to announce free delivery on all subscription boxes in Metro Vancouver area. Charges extra for outside Metro Vancouver.

What are the contents of the box? Will there be new products every month?

The boxes contain a curated selection of 7 to 12, everyday use, Local and Vegan food products - cashew-based beverages and accompanying snacks. See contents of past boxes for example.

We plan to include new cashew beverage products in the box every few months, and new accompanying snacks from local producers every few months.

What if I’m not satisfied? What is the policy for cancellation?

We strive for the highest quality products in our convenient, monthly, subscription boxes. If you’re not satisfied please contact us, we will make sure we do our part to make you 100% satisfied. In case you're not 100% satisfied cancel at any point.