Plant Veda launches the world’s first vegan probiotic lassi; Wins VegExpo Product of the Year; Announces retail locations

Natural plant-based food & beverage company PlantVeda launches the world’s first vegan probiotic lassi in Vancouver, BC; Wins VegExpo Product of the Year; Signs up first retail locations in Lower Mainland, BC

May 6, 2019, Vancouver, BC

Plant Veda launched the world’s first vegan probiotic lassi at VegExpo in Vancouver, BC, with much excitement and support from our community. VegExpo is attended by over 20,000 people, and Plant Veda is happy to introduce five delicious flavours in North America this summer – Mango, Coffee, Saffron Cardamom, Tumeric Ginger, and Vanilla Lassi. Made with only simple ingredients (cashews, oats, cane sugar, Himalayan salt, fruit pectin, and live dairy-free cultures), Plant Veda’s line of lassis are crafted to quench your thirst naturally.

Plant Veda’s mango lassi won VegExpo’s most anticipated “Product of the Year Award,” (sweet or treat category) as decided by a panel of judges. “We sampled the mango lassi flavour and fell in love instantly,” according to a public statement made by the panel.

“Scary good, I would go though them like crazy,” says Jonny Juicer, juicing expert, health coach, and a vegan influencer. Made with rich and creamy cashew yogurt, whipped to make the cream rise to the top, Lassi is a traditional Indian beverage known for its cooling and digestive properties. The Lassi contains a special blend of beneficial living dairy-free cultures which helps maintain your gut health.

Our line of lassis will be available shortly at two VeganSupply locations in the lower mainland, BC. “It has great flavour and taste,” says Jason Anthony, co-founder of VeganSupply.

At Plant Veda, we believe that while we are responsible for our health, we are equally
responsible for the health of our planet, says co-founder Vanita Gurnani. A step away from the animal-based foods, is sure to change the course of our lives forever, and the planet for the better. A 2018 study from Dalhousie University finds that nearly 10 percent of Canadians consider themselves vegetarian or vegan. With our delicious, probiotic, plant-based milk and milk products, made with simple ingredients, we offer you an opportunity to connect with nature once again, making the most of its goodness

The woman behind Plant Veda, Vanita Gurnani, a recent immigrant to BC and mom of two vegan children, has been a champion of healthy, plant-based living. In 2012, Vanita and her
partner introduced vegan dairy-free alternatives in India, and in 2015, she started an Indian
vegan food truck in San Francisco Bay Area called “Carrots.

About Plant Veda
Inspired by Vedas, the world’s most ancient spiritual scriptures in which plants are praised as the nourishing mother of mankind, we offer you an opportunity to connect with nature once again, making the most of her goodness. Guided by this ancient tradition of wholesome, plant-based nutrition, and implementing the latest advances in food technology, we deliver the best for your health, and the sustainability of our planet.

About VegExpo

VegExpo is North America’s premium expo of sustainable vegan and vegetarian with over 20,000 attendees and more than 200 exhibitors.

About VeganSupply

VeganSuppy is Canada’s premier vegan online and retail shop, that also ships worldwide to make veganism more accessible

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