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Plant based milk for masses is

  • As much Protein as 2 Roti
  • Made from whole Almonds
  • Lactose & Dairy Free
  • No Preservatives
  • 50% More Calcium Than Cow Milk
  • Fortified with DHA, Iron and essential vitamins.

world's first Peanut Buttermilk+

Fortified with essential vitamins

  • Made From Peanut Yogurt
  • Cholesterol Free, Lactose Free
  • No Preservatives
  • Fortified with DHA, & essential vitamins.

50% More Calcium than Milk

Calcium is important to maintain Strong Bones, Nutriva contains more calcium than Dairy

Contains DHA

Nutriva has DHA, Omega 3, 6 & 9 for brain development & improved memory functions

Made from Real Almonds

Nutriva is not a Almond Flavored Milk, Its actually made from Real Whole Almonds.


is specially designed for Tea and Coffee. pre-order today shipping starts in Feb 2019

  • Made From whole Almonds
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegan


Peanut is indispensable rotation crop for locals at the same time is the best source of protein. We treat our farmers with upmost respect and provide fair prices.

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Peanut Buttermilk+

  • 30 Packs every month
  • Free Delivery Every Month
  • Nutriva Protein Cookies (5 pcs) Free
  • Free Consultation with Sports Meal Planner



When will I receive my order

If you order before 1 PM we usually ship same day via Fedex. You should receive it in few days.

Does Nutriva Kids contains all the vitamins required for growth of child

Nutriva Kids is specially designed for children and it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for child development. Nutriva AlmondMilk+ can be used as natural replacement of Dairy as well as any other Malt powders.

Does Nutriva contains any preservatives or chemicals

Nutriva does not contain any preservatives or chemicals instead its packed aseptically which provides excellent shelf life.

How is Nutriva Different than Dairy

Dairy Products have too much Cholesterol and Saturated Fats and on top most people cannot digest Milk. We make Nutriva from Whole Plant Based Ingredients so its naturally cholesterol free, lactose free, cruelty free and low fat as well.

How Nutriva has 50% More Calcium than Dairy

Calcium is a mineral originally sourced from mountains. Cows don’t make Calcium by them-shelves instead they get it from Plants. Nutriva contains Calcium Carbonate with is a direct source of Calcium and is more bio-available than Calcium from Dairy

What is Shelf Life of Nutriva

Nutriva Almond Milk+ has 12 month of shelf life and Peanut Buttermilk+ has 6 months.