inspired by Vedas, the world’s most ancient scriptures in which plants are praised as the nourishing mother of mankind, we offer you an opportunity to connect with nature once again, making the most of its goodness. At Plant Veda, we believe that while we are responsible for our own health, we are equally responsible for the health of our planet. A step away from animal-based agriculture and products will certainly make our lives and the planet better.

Our proprietary recipes of utilizing oats and cashews result in a creamy beverage that tastes, smell and feels like dairy, without the use of preservatives, gums or thickeners.


Guided by the ancient Vedic tradition of wholesome, plant-based nutrition, and implementing the latest advances in food technology, we deliver the best for your health, and the sustainability of our planet.


Plant Veda is founded by a small group of very passionate, smart and hard working individuals. We have expertise in product development, marketing, sales, HR, accounts, and most importantly the wisdom, and driving force to educate, introduce innovative products, and support the growing movement of veganism and plant-based living.

Join Live Plant Strong Community

Join Live Plant Strong Community


A plant-based nutrition startup that provides an opportunity to connect with the traditions of nature in the form of delicious and wholesome plant-based foods and beverages.