The Story Behind Plant Veda

Through our tasteful range of plant-based milks and milk products,
we are committed to nourish
your health, while we also keep the planet hale and hearty!
Richer in nutrition and better for health,
Plant Veda is powered by nature, designed to empower your future.
We started off in 2012 as manufacturers of Tofu, Soya milk, and ice-cream. With the support of our
patrons and institutions, we decided to make it big and laid our first manufacturing facility in 2017.
Well equipped with modern technology and infrastructure, the facility efficiently caters to the
market needs, growing at the rate of 50% per annum.

Get closer to Nature with us.

About the Founder

Mr. Sunny R Gurnani

After the death of his father in Heart Attack Mr. Sunny Gurnani started searching for the cause and after a lot of research, found that cholesterol & saturated fats present in the animal milk are the real cause behind all chronic diseases faced by humanity today with this background and the mission of doing something big for society he entered into this field. 

Sunny is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell and is also MS in Computer Science.